GGB San Antonio’s April Crafting Brunch!

GGB San Antonio’s April Crafting Brunch!

For the month of April, the Geek Girls of San Antonio headed off to brunch at the lovely Lion & Rose British Restaurant and Pub located in the northern part of town. The girls were excited to try out this new location; we have been to other franchise locations and have loved them, and this one was no exception.

The theme for our 32nd brunch was none other than Crafting! Our girls have crazy skills in the crafting arena, as evidenced by the wonderful grab bags that are a staple of our brunches and this month, our girls went all out to dazzle us with their creativity!

In the grab bag, we had home made soap, and a GGB cross-stitch kit, a galaxy jar, a paint by numbers kit, and  even a GGB snow globe! One of our girls finished the cross-stitch and was kind enough to share a picture of it so that we, in turn, can share with the community!

One brunchette brought origami instructions and 12″x12″ colored paper for everyone – It was not surprising to see the girls jump at the chance to be crafty while we waited for our brunches to arrive. Here are a couple of the finished pieces:

Of course, no brunch is complete without our coloring sheets! This month’s coloring sheet was, appropriately, a sewing machine. These girls did not waste any time busting into the coloring boxes to get started.

Check out some of the finished colored images:

We had a big group show up and what does a big group usually bring? RAFFLE ITEMS!

We had all sorts of fun things to give away, including illustration books, some home made bath bombs, and GLITTER! (Come on, who doesn’t love glitter?)

Now meet our lovely winners:


Great food, great company, and fantastic service – this brunch was a complete success! And really, with so many cool ladies in our midst, was there ever any doubt? (Spoiler Alert: No.)

We concluded our brunch with our group picture; we often have to squeeze in to get everyone in the shot (but that’s a good problem to have!)

There are lots more pictures to share – check them out on our  GGBSATX Facebook page!

See you for May’s brunch!

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