Dinna Fash Ye Emerald Coast

Dinna Fash Ye Emerald Coast

Dinna Fash Ye Emerald Coast!

Some chapters crave Doctor Who.  Some obsess over anime.  Others are all about the superhero genre.  The Emerald Coast knows one ruler, and that is James “Jamie” Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser.

If we went around the table at a typical event for the Emerald Coast, and asked each lady who their favorite fictional husbands were, the answers would flutter between The Dunbonnet and Ross Poldark.  So our brunchettes were thrilled when we announced our plans for an Outlander brunch!  Nine dedicated fans gathered to raise a glass to the most perfect breeze ever to exist.

We met at Taste Tapas and Wine Bar, our event location from our launch brunch back in October.  It was a hit back then, and a highly requested location for future brunches!  There were plenty of drinks as the bottomless mimosas kept flowing (I’m a big fan of the Poinsettia, and thankfully they serve their bubbly with three drink options!)  The Bananas Foster Pancakes were absolutely delicious!  

This brunch was overflowing with raffle prizes.  We had 4 cowls lovingly knitted by our yarn master member, Jill.  There were 4 Sassenach dragonfly charms crafted by me (Officer Casey).  I also had a chance to make bookmarks for everyone in attendance using my “Travel through the Stones” stamp set from Kindred Stamps!  (They have simply the most creative nerdy themed stamps and adorable sticker sheets!)

Did I mention that Officer Mandie and Member Alisa came all decked out in tricorn hats and big wool skirts?!  I really need to find a good picture of that, it’s not often you see people walking down the street in Florida wearing clothes that could keep you toasty on a 20 degree day!

We had an entertaining time discussing all things Outlander and the one thing we could agree on was the need for season four to magically appear…NOW!

Until next time, LLAP

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