GGB Miami: Thor Brunch

GGB Miami: Thor Brunch

As soon as the release date came out for Thor: Ragnarok, we knew it would be the theme for that month’s brunch. After watching the movie, we could not have been happier with our pick! This brunch held a lot of significance because it would be Elsie’s last official brunch as officer and because every single brunchette in attendance was enthralled with the movie! We were all in such good spirits. The brunch started at 11 am and finished around 6 pm! We just couldn’t stop ordering the bottles of bubbly and kept on with cheery chatter for hours on end.

We had the awesome luck of booking Tacos and Tattoos for our merry group. It’s been a favorite spot of officer Elsie and officer Melissa since it opened two years ago. They had been asking for ages to host a brunch there and finally got the ok from management! Since the Thor brunch, they have become notorious and the staff keeps referring to the Thor brunch every time Elsie and Melissa go back. To say the least, it was memorable!

Tacos and Tattoos has an artsy, colorful interior that appeals to our Miami GGB crowd. They specialize in tacos, burritos and have an array of microbrews to choose from. Most importantly, they had a wonderful brunch special for GGB; $12 Prosecco bottles. We took advantage of that special. The staff is super friendly and catered to our every whim. They played Hulk vs Thor animated movie for us on their big screen television and were very enthusiastic about our brunch shenanigans.

And it’s not a GGB Miami brunch without the swag! Thor swag bags featured badass Loki rings (silver and gold), a Thor’s hammer necklace, Bifrost Bridge Ash (bath salts), Asgard Mead (shot of black label whiskey and coke), Hela black nail polish, and an art print of Jane Foster as the female God of Thunder. Lots of fun items were also raffled off thanks for a generous donation from a brunchette.


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