Geek Girl Brunch Atlanta – Holiday Horror Brunch and Board Game Meet-up

Geek Girl Brunch Atlanta – Holiday Horror Brunch and Board Game Meet-up

We were feeling a bit ambitious last month, so we decided to host two December events. It was quite a feat, given the fact that we were all busy with holiday plans and end-of-year work projects, but it was definitely worth it.

Because we were feeling festive, the first event was called “All Aboard the Horrifying Polar Express with Geek Girl Brunch Atlanta.” We met up at JCT Kitchen & Bar on Howell Mill Road, hoping they’d have some boozy hot chocolate available. Unfortunately, their holiday cocktails wouldn’t be available for another week, but the food definitely made up for that minor disappointment. The Grown-up Grilled Cheese Sandwich and the fried chicken were the standouts, but the entire table quieted down once the food was served, which is always a sure sign that whatever’s on the table is delicious.

The servers were all wearing their finest ugly Christmas sweaters and an exceptionally well-dressed Santa Claus was present, so it was the perfect environment for us to chat about some of our favorite holiday horror flicks. Some of the most popular movies were “Krampus,” “A Christmas Horror Story,” and the Christmas episodes of “American Horror Story: Asylum.”

For souvenirs, one of the officers made some spooky tree ornaments on her 3D printer. Naturally, they were a hit. All-in-all, it was a really fun afternoon.

We got one more 2017 event in under the wire, a board game meet-up at My Parents’ Basement, a comic book shop/tap room in Avondale Estates. Everyone brought along their favorite, lesser-known board games and we played them while enjoying a few items from MPB’s brunch menu (the breakfast sandwiches and grits were our favorites) and chatting about ongoing cosplay projects.

Two of the most popular games were Pitch Deck (which is part-Cards Against Humanity, part-“Shark Tank”) and the 90’s game of wagers and chance, Cloud 9.

Next up, we are headed to a screening of season 2 of PBS’s “Victoria,” and later this month, we’ll be hosting a Bioshock-themed brunch, complete with an optional trip to the Georgia Aquarium.

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