GGB Miami: The Walking Dead

GGB Miami: The Walking Dead

October’s Miami GGB brunch featured The Walking Dead. As the series approached it’s eighth season opener, we wanted to commemorate with a brunch that had been much overdue. Some of us were divided on the show’s merit and in regard to its potential. After eight seasons, some think content is stale and a lot of the fans are not satisfied with the direction the show is taking, but there are also still diehard fans that think it can do no wrong. But we all agreed that the season premiere was a wonderful reason to dress up and give a few toasts in TWD honor.

We held the brunch at the appropriately named, Killer Melts. They had been showing episodes of The Walking Dead all month long, leading up to the Sunday or our brunch which coincided with the season premiere. Their melts are indeed, to die for. They specialize in grilled cheese, but also have an array of all things delicious that can go between bread and cheese. They even had a special Negan burger in homage to The Walking Dead. Suffice to say, the girls of Miami GGB were not afraid to throw down. We ate, a lot. We drank, a lot. It was fun and causal and the staff was super nice. They threw a few free desserts our way and even though many of us had our fill, who could pass up free bread pudding drenched in praline sauce?

The swag bags for this brunch were inspired by long time characters from the show. Many of the hardcore fans in attendance recognized the significance of each item and were truly delighted. A baseball cap was in each bag, a little sentimental good bye to favored character, Glen. There were also eyeball chocolate candies with a “RIP Glen” note; a little of the serious with a little touch of humor. Other items included in the swag bag: a Katana in reverence of Michonne and her badass skills, Carol’s cookies, chocolate pudding for a Carl shout out, zombie finger candy, anti-zombie hand sanitizer, and a necklace featuring notable character inspired charms like Rick’s hat, Daryl’s crossbow, and Dale’s binoculars. We ended the brunch with another round of mimosas and a raffle with TWD related items.

Regardless of how some fans are feeling about the show (you either love it or resent it), twenty of GGB’s finest ladies got together and had a marvelous time. And that’s what this is all about.

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