GGB Philly – The Upside Down

GGB Philly – The Upside Down

GGB Philly followed Eleven into the Upside Down for our October 2017 brunch. We all participated in a Stranger Things quiz, with each right answer earning the brunchette an extra ticket for our raffle. The one question that stumped most of those attending (even some officers!) was: “What name has Eleven and Dr. Brenner given to the sensory deprivation tank in the secret lab?” In the end though, we had two Brunchettes who answered the most questions correctly and were awarded with Funko keychains of Eleven and Dustin. We also had some excellent raffle prizes that included a Barb Funko Pop figure, a “Mornings are for Coffee and contemplation” clear coffee mug, and a holiday lights heat reveal mug.

Our venue was Silk City, a renovated diner in the heart of the Northern Liberties neighbourhood of Philadelphia. The wonderful late summer weather allowed us to dine comfortably in the outdoor beer garden, at a picnic style table. We decorated our table with battery operated Christmas tree lights, just like those used by Joyce to communicate with Will, in the first season of the show, and a gray mesh table runner. Our menu included brunch favourites such as, chicken and waffles, shrimp and grits, and Belgian waffles, but there were also unique takes on standard brunch choices, such as the creme brûlée french toast, and pancakes with candied bacon cooked inside. We washed all this great food down with coffee, and of course brunch cocktails, including bloody Mary’s, sangria, and mimosas.

Brunchettes who attended were rocking 80’s acid wash jeans, Stranger Things t-shirts, and holiday lights necklaces. Everyone went home with a little prize pack sponsored my FanMail which included Eleven’s 011 tattoos and Joyce’s alphabet light magnets.

We had a great time exploring the Upside Down and are looking forward to next month, where we will be delving into the Marvel fandom, including an outing to see the upcoming Thor Ragnarok, in theaters.

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