Take me Back to the 90s-GGB Baltimore Jumps back 20yrs

It was an absolutely beautiful Saturday when the ladies of GGB Baltimore made their way downtown, minus the humidity of course. This month the ladies got overwhelmed with a sense of Nostalgia when we took a trip back to the 90s while enjoying brunch at the infamous Ms. Shirley’s. We had a full house this month it was absolutely wonderful seeing so many ladies coming out and showing off their favorite 90s shows, cartoons and music.

As the ladies made their way into Ms. Shirley’s and began looking over the menu, they didn’t know they were in for a treat in the form of the server that was tasked with taking care of them. Joshua was absolutely brilliant and definitely sold some of our brunchettes on their delicious offerings of alcohol and the craziest French toast meal this officer has ever seen.


As the brunchettes decided on their meals, conversation drifted to the upcoming CosGala that a couple of our members are hosting next year, a study in cosplay masquerade that is sure to be absolutely amazing. We also discussed how the reboot of Duck Tales is doing, and though this officer has not watched it, many of the ladies thought that the reboot is doing the original justice and that it hasn’t been completely out of left field, even animation wise. Unlike that remake of the Powerpuff Girls that was released a couple years ago.

The fact that con season is still in full swing was also talked about, with both Dragon Con and Baltimore Comic Con on the horizon for some of our brunchettes. Make sure to keep an eye on your inboxes, we may try and have a meet up during Baltimore Comic Con, not an official event but something be it drinks or otherwise.

Alas, the morning came to an end, but everyone left with a smile and an overstuffed stomach thanks to the delicious food. Be sure to join us next month for something a bit different for GGB Baltimore. We will be having High Tea at 3pm in the afternoon in September for our Blind Date with a Book Brunch! Invitations are out now so be sure to check your inboxes! See you all next month!

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