Video Game of Thrones – GGB San Antonio

Video Game of Thrones – GGB San Antonio

San Antonio’s Video Game of Thrones Brunch for July was the site of a number of fun things: we held our second ever theme team-up (going from Superwholock to Video Games & Game of Thrones), as well as having our first ever potluck brunch!

An end of year invitation came from one of our girls to host gaming and the whole of our brunch and we all jumped at the awesome chance extended to us! Our girls signed up and brought drinks, main dishes, and side dishes, and salads, and dessert, and of course even a few different types of bubbly! (What’s a Geek Girl Brunch without a little bubbly somewhere, right?)

Here you can see all sorts of the delightful dishes our girls cooked up themselves and brought to share with everyone! All of it was delightful, and a lot of people were excited for the chance to share their skills, their family recipes, and even asked about doing the whole potluck thing again with its own themes!

video game thrones video game thrones video game thrones video game thrones video game thrones video game thrones

One of our girls made us the cutest wrist bands, baring the words “Geek Girl Brunch” and “Game of Thrones”

video game thrones

We had what must have been our second biggest raffle this year, as Video Games & Game of Thrones put together nearly equaled (or did?!) out previous avalanche raffle last seen at the My Little Pony Brunch (February 2017).

video game thrones video game thrones video gam thrones video game thrones

And our lovely girls with all their lovely raffle wins:


san antonio game brunchsan antonio game brunch san antonio game brunch

The rest of the brunch was spent in the multiple rooms our gracious hostess playing any number of games all through the house, where you could hear cries of laughter and shrieks of death coming at the oddest and best times, causing everyone to laugh all the time.

And one last CRAZY Outtake of our lovely Group Shot!

video game thrones

* More photos can be found in GGB SATX July’s Video Game of Thrones Album

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