GGB Miami: Lord of the Rings

GGB Miami: Lord of the Rings

Lord of the Rings is a cult classic. This fandom has transcended over generations, inspiring a wave of passionate and dedicated fans.  There are Pinterest boards dedicated to throwing the best Hobbit party of your life! Thinking of a Lord of the Rings tattoos? Google images goes on for an eternity with ideas. Don’t forget it also has some of the best dialogue quoting, and can we say COSPLAY?!?! For such an epic fandom, we couldn’t believe that GGB Miami had yet to host a Lord of the Rings brunch! We needed to rectify the situation immediately. So for our July themed brunch, we did!

Can we talk about Miami weather for a second? Like, every other chapter across the world probably has four seasons. Miami has Summer, Summer, omg brutal Summer and Summer. So no matter what month we held this theme, cosplay loving brunchettes were bound to suffer. It was really awesome to see how some of the girls took on their favorite character roles and made it summer weather friendly. One of our favorites is the modern Gandolf with cold shoulder dress worn by veteran brunchette, Liz. These girls are so creative and are always so full of spirit. There were so many great outfits!

To beat the heat, we asked our hosts at Miss Cheezious  to please reserve seating for us inside. We did manage to frolic about in their outdoor patio for some adventurous pictures. They have a beautiful set up outdoors, featuring a magestic ancient tree right in the middle. It made for a perfect photo prop!

Speaking of Miss Cheezious, let’s have a conversation about the freaking amazing food here. They started off as a food truck on the streets of Miami in 2010. Now they have two brick and mortar locations. They recently added a brunch menu and we are so happy to have hosted a brunch here. The food is spectacular! We paired our delicious feast with an array of mimosas and wine!

It wouldn’t be a Miami brunch without a fabulous swag bag! This brunch’s bag included: Lembas Bread, Eye of Sauron bracelet, Galadriel’s necklace, the one ring, Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost necklace, Dragons’s Breath vial shot, and art print.


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