GGB Colorado Springs: Mad Hatter’s Party

GGB Colorado Springs: Mad Hatter’s Party

It’s always tea time here in Colorado Springs

GGB Colorado Springs gathered over the weekend, watching the weather to avoid rain, and plotted a fun, mad hatter’s party. With high hopes and slight madness on everybody’s part, over a dozen of our brunchettes showed up to enjoy the fun of pleasant companionship, doughnuts, pastries, and fun flavored teas straight from Disney World. Tea flavors included Topsy Turvey Tea Blend, Mad Tea Party Blend, Earl Tea, and Korean Nut Tea. Along with the teas came an assortment of lemons, sugar cubes, tea pots, tea cups, and, don’ forget, all the silly and fun hats!

Brunchettes who attended helped pull the party together by putting out all the crazy accessories like lanterns, candles, streamers (we hid the confetti), and more. We even had a fun little critter join us inside a tea pot! To be consistent with the mad hatter’s theme, we all opted for differently sized, colors, and styles of chairs on top of different tea pots, tea cups, and hats worn when it wasn’t terribly hot. We even had a little fuzzy critter friend join us for brunch in its own little tea pot of cuteness.





Swag bags were handedout to attendees to for a happy “unbirthday”. Stickers, mickey mouse ears, and smiles were all shared as we sat around the table with our treats. Food included baked goods, sweets, and the occasional deviled eggs or cheese and crackers. To finish off this crazy, fun time – we had rainbow cake! The cake was blue and purple with yellow icing and delectable to eat. Overall, all of us brunchettes had a grand, ‘ole time developing friendships and enjoying one another’s company. We are so very happy the weather stayed put too.

Future Events

Stay tuned as we plan our future events. We are thinking about doing our annual white elephant gift exchange, geek style (of course). Have suggestions? Feel free to contact one of the officers. We would love to hear from you! Better yet, if you’d like to join, come find our Facebook page and be sure to join HQ. Our group is growing and can always use more fun, friendly faces no matter where your heart belongs 🙂


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