GGB Fairfield – Geek Girl Get-To-Know-You Brunch!

GGB Fairfield – Geek Girl Get-To-Know-You Brunch!

Geek Girl Brunch Fairfield has a great core group of ladies that come to most of our brunches, and we’ve had a good amount of brunchettes sign up who had yet to make a brunch in our year of  meet ups so far. We decided to forego a theme to get to know our brunchettes a little better over a deliciously fancy brunch. Spoilers: it was in fact delicious, and we almost stole a boat and a dog?

Scene: Westport, CT along the Long Island Sound on a bright Sunday morning. The golfers are out, the salt is in the air and the boats are docked while their owners take a short inland reprieve to delight in a tasty mimosa. Officers Kat, Leah, Katie and Rhiannon hosted a group of nine total brunchettes for breakfast at The Pearl at Longshore, overlooking the water and some delicious French Toast.

We went around the table and shared how we found out about Geek Girl Brunch, what our favorite fandoms were and what exciting plans we had for the summer. Our group has so many book lovers from Librarians to Booksellers, which make our book and comic swaps extra lucrative and exciting. A handful of brunchettes are taking wild road trips, unfortunately including Officer Katie who will be relocating to Charlotte later this summer. Fandoms such as Pokémon and Harry Potter were plentiful, peppered in with other video games, TV franchises like Supernatural and Game of Thrones and never enough Wonder Woman for Officer Leah’s taste.

Something extra special happened during this brunch as well: Doctor Who announced that #13 will be Jodie Whittaker! We had a handful of Doctor Who fans in our midst and we’re too excited to share the news with current and lapsed fans of the show. Officer Rhi even got to talk about it on a podcast with a friend of hers.

After we had our fill of Eggs Benedict and French Toast, we ventured outside and admired the beautiful day while conspiring to steal a boat and a nearby adorable mutt who looked like they were ready for an adventure. No boats were acquired during this brunch, but with enough hope and determination, Geek Girl Boating may soon become a subset of the Fairfield, CT chapter.


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