GGB Berlin – “Home Sweet Home” Brunch

“Home Sweet Home – Share your Fandom” was our brunch theme for July.

Berlin Officer Petra opened her home for a potluck and proudly presented her precious comic collection. Visiting a nice restaurant or hitting a hip spot in town is cool, but gathering at a Brunchette’s home is a very comfortable affair. No music and no fellow guests’ conversation disturbs the gathered geekiness. And it is a nice opportunity for fellow Geek Girls to browse through each other fandoms. In addition, it saved Petra from a very stressful decision. For when someone asks her about her favorite comic, she usually feels panicky. There are too many and she can’t just pick one, that would hurt.

It was very refreshing to welcome our new members Doro and Verena. We found out that when it comes to series and films, we all have a lot in common. It was interesting to get tips for future binge watching sessions and ideas for next brunch themes. Doro talked about her thesis and we hope to hear more about that in the future because it is comic related! Fellow officer Lydia showed us a bit of her work as a game designer. More actual paper than most might guess considering it is for computers and other electronic devices. She also had a lot of hilarious (or sad?) stories to tell about the adventures of being a pink loving , female game designer in a male gamer world. Reminded us of the purpose of Geek Girl Brunch as a safe space and the opportunity to enjoy being geeky without mansplaining and resentful remarks.

It was fun and yummy and thanks Doro for creating “Joined Geekiness!” as our new favorite battlecry.

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