GGB Prescott Recap: Mid-Year Book Exchange

GGB Prescott Recap: Mid-Year Book Exchange

We happily returned from our hiatus with an impromptu mid-year book exchange.  Things got a little busy here in Prescott, AZ over the past few months and we needed to take a little break.   Since it was a last minute event, our small group was anticipated.  We may have been small, but we had an enormous amount of fun!  We met at Starbucks on a hot Friday evening in June for our festivities.

Books, Books, and More Books

All the ladies brought at least one book for our exchange and we each took turns giving a synopsis of the books we brought.  Each lady voiced the book of their choice and we exchanged books accordingly.  Everyone left with a new book, a cute bookmark, and happy.

The Paperback Game, the game of choice for the evening and it was a blast!  Each round, the Brunchette leading would show the cover art for the book to everyone else and would then read the description on the back.   Everyone would then write down what they thought the first sentence of the book would be while the lead Brunchette would write the actual first sentence.  The vote would be cast for the actual sentence and it was tough because all of the options were hilarious!  The game play is similar to Cards
Against Humanity and just as wild.  Our final book was a risque one written by Chuck Tingle about the awesome nerdy comedian, Chris Hardwick!  The amazing part was that the actual first sentence was the most tame of the lot!

Before we called it a night, Officer Drea  introduced some of the many awesome book box subscriptions out there.  She also shared several literary based podcasts to be on the watch for.  It was refreshing to see that everyone left with a new book to read and a smile on their face!  Cheers!


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