GGB DFW Jurassic Park Brunch

GGB DFW Jurassic Park Brunch

We had a special brunch this month at the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History. In honor of Mother’s Day, brunchettes were welcome to bring children! Jurassic Park, dinosaurs, and all things science were our theme; the museum’s dinosaur skeletons and other science-related activities were a wonderful setting.

Adorable dinosaur-themed outfits!

The museum provided a small private room, and we were able to decorate the tables with all sorts of dinosaur-related items. Brunchette Kari was generous enough to bring some of these gems to decorate, and everyone was able to take some dinosaurs home as well! We had a photo booth for the kids as well.

Museum staff provided some great hands-on activities! First, we got to see and handle some real fossils, including dinosaur eggs and footprints. Then we were each given a small plastic dinosaur skeleton and some paste. We could press the feet (or any part) of the skeleton into the paste to make our own fossils.

Dino footprints – and the kids got to keep the dinosaur skeletons!

After the fossil experiment came a more dramatic and delicious one: liquid nitrogen ice cream! The museum staff person mixed ice cream ingredients and then got out a big container of liquid nitrogen. He explained what nitrogen is and how it would work, and then he poured some onto the ice cream. It was very dramatic, especially as the nitrogen gas flowed over the table and enveloped the dinosaur skeletons we had been playing with.

There were some fun dinosaur raffle prizes, including the grand prize of a beautiful set of dino art. Tickets included all-day admission to the museum, so many of our attendees explored the museum and planetarium afterwards as well.

The raffle winners!

Our next brunch will be Magical Girl themed, and it will be on Sunday, June 11, from 12-3pm. It will be at an officer’s house in Plano, TX. Make sure you get your tickets early so you can have the address emailed to you! We welcome cosplay, so get your sparkle on and come be magical with us!

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