Excelsior! GGB Baltimore Does Marvel

Excelsior! GGB Baltimore Does Marvel

It was a Marvel-ous Marvel Sunday here at GGB Baltimore! Hot off the tails of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2, the ladies ventured downtown to the wilds of Canton to meet for brunch at the Iron Rooster. It was a bit of a wait when we arrived, but it was nice enough to wait outside, a rareity for the month. Conversation strayed to upcoming comic cons for the rest of the year as well as cosplay projects in the works, with Otakon and Dragon Con being at the for front of the discussion. Of course GOTG Vol 2 was heavily discussed, with an all in on Baby Groot needing his own movie at some point.


By the time we were seated it was well worth the wait. We all agreed that the rumors about the Iron Rooster were indeed true; the food and drinks were absolutely amazing. The food was so good in fact, that the conversation tapered off while we ate, a sign of a good meal. While waiting, we were introduced to the most 90s of 90s video ever and it was a flashback of epic proportions, though sadly no timelines were changed and we stayed on the straight and narrow of the 616.

By the time the meal was finished, the current state of Marvel was the heated discussion. The ladies being in agreement that the movie-verse is doing great, but the comic verse not so much. From Captain America to the short run of Black Panther, nothing was left off the table.

Be sure to join us next month at the quirky Blue Moon Cafe for when GGB Baltimore goes gaga for Wonder Woman, well…DC! See you all then!

And remember:

‘Stand a little straighter.

Walk a little prouder.

Be an innovator.

Laugh a little louder.

Grow forever greater.

We can show you how to.

Where will you be then?

You’ll belong, you’ll belong, you’ll belong, you’ll belong to the Merry Marvel Marching Society.’

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