GGB San Antonio: International “Wonder” Women Day

GGB San Antonio: International “Wonder” Women Day

The month of March kicked off with International Women’s Day, and what better way to spend the March Geek Girl Brunch than kicking back with some of the best Women we known, exchanging love and conversation on all the amazing “Wonder Women” in history across our world?

We took March’s Brunch to a new location, Nectar Wine Bar, downtown, for a classy step-up in our salute to the ladies in our life and times (past, present, and future). There were amazing drinks, plates, and desserts to share. Including this Supreme mimosa that was an adventure scaled by at least two of the officers:

An amazing concoction mimosa concotion that came in three different mimosa flavors (normal, pomegranate, or drunk cherry) with skewers of half of lobster tail, two types of cheese, three types of fruit, and even 2-3 surprise pastries!

Our normal coloring sheets (this month centering on Amelia Earheart, as the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean) were at every place as the women sat down, but one of the best grab bag surprises was a Rosie the Riveter scarf for everyone woman present.

Represent GGB SA Wonder Women! We CAN and WILL and DO do it!


Nectar being an awesome place to go on just any brunch, lunch, or dinner out as well, the girls were able to break up into groups and play card games as well as board games during the second and third hour of our brunch, while raffled were called throughout the whole of the playing.

The raffle table was an amazing representation of all the myriad places you can find inspiration toward being a “Wonder Woman” and we’re super grateful for all the donations again!

Our winners of this month:


More pictures can be found in the 2017 March – Wonder Women Album.

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