The ‘Marvel’ous Brunch in Sacramento

I Am Groot wreathIn February, the Sacramento Chapter of Geek Girl Brunch ventured out of the Sacramento City grid and into the suburbs of Folsom for waffles. The Waffle Experience was kind enough to host us and provide their private banquet room for brunch.  And we made sure to mark the entrance to that private room with a suitably geeky wreath.  The private room meant everyone could hear each other and mingle and have an all-around grand time, especially since the waffles were all delicious!


In keeping with tradition, brunchettes were provided a themed quiz to try to win an awesome Spider-Man prize pack (generously donated by another brunchette).  The quiz required knowledge of Daredevil’s first appearance and how to spell the name of Thor’s hammer (it’s Mjölnir if you ever get quizzed on it sometime). One brunchette was the clear winner. Although it turns out, her sister could have tied if she hadn’t mistakenly missed a question. All in all, it was entertaining to see what people knew (or didn’t) and the completely wrong answers that were more entertaining than the correct answers.

The Sacramento Chapter has started doing raffles for themed goodies. Raffle tickets are earned by brunchettes for doing things like RSVPing (and extra tickets for doing so early), for wearing themed clothing, and a host of other random reasons.  This month’s brunch we had handmade geeky aprons and potholders. It was great to see the winners wear their prizes. And even more entertaining to see them keep the aprons on while eating, just in case those waffles got messy.

We had a great time and actually remembered to take a group photo, with special guest Spider-Man, of all who attended. The Waffle Experience was fabulous and we’ll definitely need to make a return visit at some point!

Sacramento brunchettes at Marvelous brunch

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