GGB Savannah – Halloween Spooktacular!

GGB Savannah – Halloween Spooktacular!

Members of the Savannah Geek Girl Brunch chapter were in for quite a scare this month at our Halloween Spooktacular party! Our geek “ghouls” all arrived sporting fantastically frightening Halloween costumes, ranging from friendly scarecrows to commanding Sith Lords. Our brunch was once again held at the wonderful Pacci Italian Kitchen + Bar, though this time around the private room was completely decked out for the season – vampire bats hung from the chandeliers, while cobwebs, pumpkins, and skulls dotted the rest of the event space.



Once everyone was seated and had ordered their drinks, we began to share stories of our favorite Halloween events and traditions. Everyone’s stories ranged from sweet to hilarious to downright spooky – one of our girls even recounted a time she and her friends had been caught trespassing on private property…while trying to hunt ghosts!



By the time we had finished introducing ourselves and delighting each other with our Halloween memories, our meals had arrived. We all dug right in, and by the time we’d all eaten our fill, there wasn’t a single clean plate left on the table. Once again, Pacci really delivered on the quality of their food!

After our dishes had been cleared away, it was time for the highlight of the meeting – the costume contest! Each girl in costume showed off their look to the other members, who got to vote for their favorite outfit. A total of three prizes awaited the winners, all of which were comprised of Halloween-themed wine, candy, and other spooky goodies. Once all the votes had been cast, officers Meg and Samantha tallied them up, and announced the winners! In third place was Kelsey Wilson, one of our new members, who looked downright adorable in her Pikachu costume. Second place went to Caroline Rekowski, who was rocking a fantastic Scarecrow outfit. Then came time to announce our first place winner Ashley Roper, another of our newest members, who looked equal parts stunning and terrifying as a Sith Lord. She’d made her incredible costume herself, and was even sporting a pair of red contact lenses to complete the look!


Once all the prizes had been handed out, we all got together and headed outside for a group photo. Though Savannah had weathered a severe hurricane just a few days earlier, it couldn’t have been a nicer day for our event! A lovely Pacci employee was kind enough to take our group photo, and with that, we concluded our Halloween Spooktacular event.

As always, a fantastic time was had by all, and we can’t wait to get together with these amazing girls for our next outing!

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