Magical Creatures Brunch – GGB Kansas City

Magical Creatures Brunch – GGB Kansas City

Geek Girl Brunch KC hosted a Magical Creatures brunch in November, to coincide with the release of the newest installment in the Harry Potter universe: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

(Don’t worry, no spoilers here!)magical creatures

Many of our brunchettes are HP fans, so of course we wanted to do something to show our love of the world of Harry Potter, as well as our love of magical creatures.

This brunch was a potluck, and lots of beasty-inspired goodies were had. These magnificent cupcakes were created by one of our very talented brunchettes (and were quite delicious!)


magical creatures

We did some magical creatures trivia, and gave away many prizes to those who got the most correct! Lots and lots of laughs were had during the trivia, and some of the answers made us groan after they were revealed… tricky, but so obvious!

Many of our brunchettes did very well on the trivia, getting nearly 100% of the answers correct. We’d make very good Hogwarts students, for sure!



magical creatures

In addition to noms and trivia, we also made our very own personal unicorn horns. Officer Angie was hard at work, and didn’t even notice that her picture was being taken… (or maybe she did, and she was trying very hard to become invisible…your guess is as good as ours!)

She’s very hard at work, making her horn as beautiful as possible!



magical creatures

Officer Amanda and Brunchette Celeste were much more prepared for being photographed with their magnificent new horns, hamming it up for the camera (note, Amanda is a bit confused about which type of magical creature she wants to be…her name-tag says she’s a mermaid!! Maybe she’s a narwhal in disguise…???):




Swag bags were handed out, and the Kansas City Geek Girls also got to assemble and take home Butterbeer Cookies in a Jar. Officer Melissa baked some beforehand, so that people could taste them and see what they were getting themselves into before creating their jars. (They were A++cookies, Melissa is an awesome baker!)

We also did our very first Facebook Live broadcast during brunch, which you can check out on our chapter’s Facebook page!

As usual, we had a blast, and enjoyed our time with our local geek girls. We were once again fortunate enough to have some new faces, which is always great! We’re logging this under another successful brunch!

magical creatures
Officers Angie, Melissa, Amanda & Phoebe!

Our next brunch is on January 21st, where we will be trying our luck at an escape room at Clue Pursuit KC, with coffee at Broadway Cafe beforehand. RSVP’s for the Escape Room are full, but if you want to join us for coffee and a chat beforehand, we’d love to have you!

<3 –

GGBKC Officers



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