GGB Denton: Harry Potter Yule Ball

GGB Denton: Harry Potter Yule Ball

We were excited to bring the year to a close with a fan favorite brunch theme of Wonderful Wizarding World of Harry Potter. We had a gorgeous location (decorated and hosted by your Denton officers), a wonderful caterer, an absolutely gorgeous cake and dozen vegan cupcakes, and great photographer for our stunning brunchettes and dates. All our spectacular witches and wizards made this event memorable!

Our venue, The Downtowner provided the lovely background for our formal ball, and provided the large airy spaces we needed. We have many thanks for our caterers, The Abbey Inn, because not only did they provide the very English dinner, they also made many special diet considerations, including vegan french onion soup (and toasted vegan cheese), and a delicious Gaelic inspired chicken. Our cake and vegan chocolate cupcakes were so amazing, that when we did the big reveal, we weren’t allowed to take photos until many of our guests got photos! Many thanks to baker Samantha, of Heavenly Taylored Sweets, because she brought our vision of the Triwizard Tournament Cup to life! Our photographer Lucy, took some amazing shots and is working on getting these pro level shots ready for all who came.

Below, you will find photos of the event, and the three raffle basket winners and surprise fourth basket, (we pulled a Harry or is that a Barty Crouch Junior??). We hope our ladies and friends had as much fun as we did! There was a dance party and personalized Hogwarts letters to end the night, and everyone loved Officer Seana’s crafty goodies, the Triwizard mini dragons, mermaids in golden eggs, and Officer Victoria’s Ferrero Roche Snitches. One final thank you to those who helped run it, and those who stayed to clean up with us.

Congratulations to our very worthy Brunchette of the Month Andrea Slattery! Follow up on her great biography is below.

Happy Holidays to all our brunchettes, may the new year bring only magical things. And we can’t wait to meet up again for the January Sherlock Brunch at The Bearded Monk.

yule ball
Our First winner of the Tournament Baskets, the Knowledge Basket, which includes a gift card to Recycled.
Our second Tournament basket winner, picked the Hogesmeade themed Basket, including a cauldron mug and magic tricks.
Our third Tournament basket winner, picked the Foodie basket, what we called the Ron (we included a Ron Funko pop too!).
Our fourth Tournament basket winner, and surprise basket, aka the Harry! and her magically Harry themed basket.
Our gorgeous Slytherin Brunchette of the Month Andrea
Our Caterers and Waiter from the Abbey Inn
Our raffle table with our own Goblet of Fire!
Our personal Hogwarts Letters brought by your friendly owl, and photograph backdrops.
Our gorgeous sheet cake that my photograph does nothing to help!

Brunchette of the Month Andrea Slattery

My name is Andrea Slattery, and I’m originally from St. Joseph, Michigan. My boyfriend Travis and I moved to Haltom City, Texas at the beginning of 2016.  I am a radiation protection technician, which sends me to nuclear plants all over the country 6 months per year.

My job is to protect personnel, the public, and the environment from ionizing radiation, and contamination. I work super long hours but the time off makes it worth it.

What was your first geeky interest? My first geeky interest was probably watching all of the old superhero cartoons with my dad on Saturday mornings.

What are some of your favorite fandoms? Some of my favorite fandoms are Harry Potter, Pokémon, final fantasy, adventure time, and X-men.

Do you cosplay? If so what/who is your favorite? I did cosplay for the first time this year as Gambit, I really enjoyed it and plan on continuing to cosplay in the future.

What do you like to do in your free time (hobbies)? My free time pretty much consists of playing video games like final fantasy XIV, and adding to my lipstick collection(I have a problem)

How did you hear about Geek Girl Brunch Denton? I met Florisa at hypnotic donuts and she saw my Zelda wallet and suggested I check out Geek Girl Brunch Denton, and I signed up and attended their first brunch!

If you could plan 1 brunch, what would the theme, location,and activities be? My idea for a brunch was a geek as you are brunch, to come to the brunch in whatever fandom or geeky outfit you feel comfortable in. I was recently notified that the February Galentine’s brunch will be using this theme and I am super excited!

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