GGB Baton Rouge: Wingardium Le-mimOsa

GGB Baton Rouge: Wingardium Le-mimOsa

There’s a breeze in the air (barely), and pumpkins everywhere. Halloween is quickly approaching and you can almost hear the tune of “Double, Double Toil and Trouble” beginning to play. What Geek Girl Brunch but Wingardium Le-MimOsa is more suitable for the month of October?

In concert with 14812832_10102223061808614_1281691148_oour Harry Potter theme, The Londoner was the most suitable venue. In the words of one of our brunchettes, it felt like we were in the Hogwarts universe. There was quidditch (soccer) playing on the telly, and the wooden furniture gave everything a rustic feel. Upon arrival, the brunchettes donned various themed pins ranging from Hogwarts houses to powerful symbols of allegiance.

Af14881479_10102223061828574_122275852_oter ordering traditional London fare with a Cajun twist, the brunchettes enjoyed bottomless mimosas. To entertain the brunchettes, a lively game of Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit began. The trivia ranged from information garnered from the books and the movies to obscure characters and spells. Officer Jessica was by far the most knowledgeable when it came to the details.

Next came the goodies! Officer Roxanne prepared several potions for the brunchettes to partake in. Of these included Polyjuice Potion, Draught of Death, Amortentia, and more. After the potions were taken, the brunchettes placed their names into the goblet of fire. Brunchette Misty and Officer Katrena’s names were drawn and they received Fantastic Beast coloring books, magical creatures, and some edible treats: chocolate frogs, Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans, and jelly slugs.

14795905_10102224452751154_239431488_oThe rest of the brunch was spent discussing various angles of movie trivia versus book trivia. In addition, there were even discussions regarding Fantastic Beasts and The Cursed Child. Favorite characters were talked about, favorite movies were mentioned, and favorite books were highlighted. The brunchettes enjoyed every moment and hung on every word. It was safe to say that Wingardium Le-MimOsa was a smashing success.


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