GGB Reno’s Geek TV Brunch

GGB Reno’s Geek TV Brunch

In celebration of the return of many of our fall TV programs, the GGB Reno’s September Brunch was themed around “Geek TV.” Given that nearly every brunch we end up discussing our favorite shows for a good portion of the time, this was a perfect fit for our group.

Reno Geek Girls rule!

During intros, we named our favorite TV shows, both current and throughout our lives, and to mix it up a little we also had to add a Geek TV show that everyone loves but we secretly (or not so secretly) don’t.

Geek girls in geek shirts!

Co-officer Erin started things off with her list including superhero-themed shows such as Agents of SHIELD and Gotham, Walking Dead, Doctor Who, and Game of Thrones. Favorite lifelong loves included Buffy, Firefly, Batman the Animated Series. She also recommended Poldark and we decided PBS shows are most definitely geek shows. Becca admitted she’s not a huge TV fan, but still watches her fair share of streaming shows like Jessica Jones, Stranger Things, Daredevil, Inuyasha, Penny Dreadful, and an anime she recommended called Ajin. Paola just started her first Star Trek show – TNG. She also watches Agents of SHIELD, The Great British Bake Off (which started quite a tangent!), and grew up loving Avatar and Buffy. Kayla loves Grimm, Defiance, GoT, and wants to start Stranger Things but it’s too scary at night! She also recommended an anime called Magi.

Shannon & Christie both love Firefly!

Shannon loves Firefly, Sherlock, Pushing Daisies, Downton Abbey, and Doctor Who (through Ten). Christie mentioned Stranger Things, X-Files, ST:TNG, and Firefly as some of her favorites. Firefly definitely seemed to be a winner, as most of us were huge fans!


Kate impressed with Star Trek leggings
Kate impressed with Star Trek leggings

Co-officer Vanessa said there were too many TV shows for her to list (she still tried), but is a massive Start Trek fan, currently loves and grew up on TON of superhero, sci-fi, and animated shows, and really wants to try out for Jeopardy, even if she knows she’d come in dead last! Lindsay just finished and loved Madam Secretary, Jessica Jones/Daredevil, and Joss Whedon shows. She also brought up some animated classics including Jem and Captain Planet! Kate is currently watching Steven Universe, loves Legend of the Seeker, Downton Abbey, AHS, Supernatural, Star Trek, Pokemon XY, and Firefly. CJ loves Firefly, Witches of East End, Merlin, Supernatural, Gotham, and Sailor Moon.


As for the TV shows we disliked, some of us were apologetic, but most were pretty passionate. The winner (or loser?) was Big Bang Theory, which was almost universally disliked. Most of us thought it was an unrealistic and unfunny representation of geek/nerd culture. A close runner up was the later seasons of Doctor Who. Many of the girls just couldn’t get into the Twelfth Doctor, some couldn’t get past Eleven (and Amy Pond!), and others just never liked the show from the start. Shannon hated the portrayal of Cisco in The Flash (and the general “fake nerd” stereotype), and Christie wasn’t a fan of Supernatural. CJ started an interesting discussion because she generally dislikes most fantasy book series adaptations, so we talked at length about the pros and cons of adapting a book to a movie or TV series.

We also played a fun round of Geek TV Trivia. The winners (although we didn’t really keep score) seemed to be Becca and CJ, and they earned our respect for their prowess!

We look forward to yet another awesome brunch in October with our fantastic group of Reno geek girls!

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