GGB Denton September Sailor Moon Brunch

GGB Denton September Sailor Moon Brunch

For Love and Justice! In the name of the mimosa, I will drink you! The Denton Texas chapter met at Le Peep Denton for a champagne sprinkled brunch fully decked out in Sailor Moon regalia.

Make sure to read all the way through to learn about our September Brunchette of the Month. She was officer nominated for all the great things she does in Denton and the positive energy she brings to each event. Thanks to Alicia for being the great brunchette that she is!dsc_0001-medium

Our officers Luna (Seana), Lora, and Sailor Moon herself (Taylor) awaiting our brunchettes in the special dining room we were lucky enough to have to ourselves.

Some of our earliest arriving brunchettes were out to celebrate the beginning of their birthday week! They got started on their coloring pages post haste!dsc_0009-medium dsc_0012-medium dsc_0013-medium

Our 30 ladies put on their bows, Sailor Moon, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, and Venus, filled their mugs with champagne and fruit juice, and colored to their hearts’ delight while discussing their favorite agents of Love.

Chrissy won one of our lovely keychains!dsc_0015-medium

Florisa won the other cute keychain!dsc_0016-medium

Sherri won one of our twinkie dolls!dsc_0017-medium

Murphy won the other twinkie doll!dsc_0018-medium

Florisa’s cousin, Jessie created our stunning flyers, and Wendy won a copy of the original creations! We’re all a bit jealous!dsc_0020-medium

Officer Seana got crafty, and made this lovely cross stitch of Sailor Moon and friends symbols!dsc_0021-medium

Stacia won our large Sailor poster in the final raffle!dsc_0024-medium

As always, our brunchettes enjoyed breakfast in good cheers. New friends, old friends, and pancakes ruled the morning. Thanks to all our gals for coming out, and thank you Le Peep for being wonderful hosts and allowing us to bring our own champagne! Our next brunch is the October Co-ed Late Night “Brunch”, a Tim Burton Halloween Tribute at Sweetwater Grill and Tavern on Oct 29. Tickets are available (for anyone 18+) through our Facebook event.

Now we present our September Brunchette of the Month, Alicia! She’s given us a little bio and answered our questions as posed below. 


I am a self-proclaimed geek living in Little Elm, TX with my husband, Derek, and my two dogs (Tiiva, a heeler/corgi mix, and Kesha, a miniature schnauzer), my two cats (Kutski and Nifra), and my two chinchillas (Goliath and Athena). I grew up in Bridgeport, TX and proudly served as leadership at my school’s book club and anime club! I even skipped my senior field trip to go on the book club trip (Totally worth it. I got like 40 free books). I am a licensed master social worker and am currently employed at Denton County Friends of the Family, a local non-profit that assists victims and survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault. I do the volunteer coordination, donation drives, graphic design, and various other fundraising and marketing duties for the agency

What was your first geeky interest? Star Wars and/or Star Trek. I don’t even remember a time when I wasn’t familiar with either. My parents introduced me to Star Wars very early on and I was instantly in love with Luke. That crush lasted until about middle school, then I switched to Han Solo. When I was very young, my dad would watch Star Trek every night and I would crawl into his lap to watch it with him. It was a great memory and my geeky, adult self greatly appreciates the early introductions to these fandoms!

What are some of your favorite fandoms? Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Pokemon, and Star Wars

Do you cosplay? If so what/who is your favorite? I haven’t cosplayed since high school, but love doing it! I’m definitely planning to start back up. I’m hoping to make a Togepi costume for Halloween this year. The big, round, bubbly cushioning should be great for bouncing off walls and annoying crowds everywhere!

What do you like to do in your free time? I read, a lot. I am always reading at least one book and listen to audio books on my commute to work. I also paint, sew, and do other various crafts. I attend Zumba and U-Jam regularly and also meditate daily. I also have a deep love of craft beers and food. Not even fancy food, just food in general. Taco Bell is my favorite.

How did you hear about Geek Girl Brunch Denton? I noticed the group on Facebook and started following, but I didn’t join until I received an email from the officers at work. I literally geeked out that they emailed me and had to tell everyone in the office! They were wanting to do a drive at one of their events for my work and I was ecstatic to join and to receive the donations for DCFOF!

If you could plan 1 brunch, what would the theme, location, and activities be? I would love to all go to the Scarborough Renaissance Fair together! Outfits encouraged of course!

What else would you like us to know about you? I’m just so grateful to be a part of this group and extremely flattered to be the September Brunchette of the Month. It is so exciting to meet a group of girls that are all accepting, intelligent, and a blast to be around!

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