GGB Phoenix – Bob’s Burgers Potluck

GGB Phoenix – Bob’s Burgers Potluck

Phoenix chapter wanted to spend some time inside during our usual hot weather, kicking back and enjoying each other’s food and company. A Bob’s Burger themed potluck was clearly in order!

One of our officers, Stefanie (aka that day as Linda Belcher) was kind enough to host us in her beautiful home. She also provided the most amazing burger shaped cookies. Way to be on point!


We also had a bevy of other wonderful things, such as pasta salad, fried chicken, wine and even a homemade Dutch Baby!

After we spent an efficient amount of time bonding over cosplay and doctor who, we played a quick game of “Name a Burger” after being inspired by Bob himself. So. Many. Hilarious. Puns.

The person who created the burger name most voted for was the winner!


Incase you can’t clearly see the Burger names, I’ll translate: Captain America Delectibuns, Dancing Pony, Sexy Buns Fighting Burger *eaten by Jimmy Jr, Captain Jack’s Hypervodka Burger – For Every Taste!, Chicken Boom, The Grub Burger! “Slimy yet satisfying”, Daniel Radishes + Slaw Burger. 

Captain America Delectibuns by Amanda was voted winner:


Good job, Amanda! Way to be hilarious and clever XD

Stefanie also made an adorable assortment of treats for us to take home, so really, everyone was a winner 😀


Such a wonderful brunch, and we can’t wait for our next get together 🙂



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