GGB Orlando – Has a Magical Girl tea party!

GGB Orlando – Has a Magical Girl tea party!

Hey Brunchettes!

This past Saturday was a day for tea and magical girls and all things kawaii. I (Officer Paige) have been personally looking forward to this since our launch date last year. (and not only because I wanted to style my hair in space buns) I love magical girls. I love the way they’re flawed, strong, and that so many of the heroes care deeply about their friends. Where there’s friendship there’s Geek Girl Brunch…Er, Teatime.

We gathered downtown at Tea & Cupcake Experience, owned by an awesome Mother/Daughter team who were so kind to accommodate all of us.

magical girl brunch

The apple cinnamon tea was a crowd favorite. We’re all so ready for fall!

magical girl brunch

Scones, pastries, cupcakes and tea sandwiches?! Why choose one when you can have all of the things? (We all know it’s what Usagi would do.)

magical girl brunch

Kiki (Lacy) and Minako (lily) enjoying their tea and giggles over in the corner.

14273574_1108331059221843_1267972347_o magical girl brunch

We loved Dina’s magical outfit!

magical girl brunch

The scenery was so bright and dreamy. It really did feel like we where stepping into a¬†magical shoujo anime. Not only that, but it was so relaxed and peaceful, I felt like we all were able to really chat with each other about magical girls, conventions, costumes, and the joys of glass tupperware. (I’m not kidding!) All-in-all it was a great way to spend the afternoon, and I recommend if you’re in the Orlando area giving this local hidden gem a visit! It’s the perfect spot to grab a cup of tea, catch up with friends and just relax.

14285567_1108330979221851_667653486_o 14303922_1108331015888514_1929051099_o

After tea a few of us broke off to head down the street to Quickly Boba. We had heard a rumor that their Purikura photobooth had been installed, and all dolled up in our magical girl garb it seemed like a perfect way to end the day.


We got our drinks, chit-chatted at the table, and then it was time to investigate. Sure enough, the photobooth was up and running and it did not disappoint! We fumbled with the controls (it’s entirely in Japanese) and ended up getting some really cute shots.



A huge thank you to Tea & Cupcake Experience for hosting us this month, and to the magical group of Brunchettes who joined us. You are all magical girls in your own right, and as always it was so much fun geeking out together.

Until next month,

Officer Paige

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