GGB Leeds: The Abracadabrunch

GGB Leeds: The Abracadabrunch

As Summer faded away and Autumn came creeping in, the Brunchettes of Geek Girl Brunch Leeds resumed their monthly gatherings with an event dedicated to all things magical : The Abracadabrunch.
After having trouble with our original venue, the day was saved by our old friends at Bill’s. They kindly took us in at the last minute, welcomed the women gracing their entrance hall in pointy hats and cloaks, and provided outstanding service through the brunch as we once again gathered in their upstairs room.


Once everyone had settled in, and apologies had been made for the change of location, each Brunchette was invited to choose a piece of swag from our collection: some purchased, some donated by our generous backers/local vendors. As they made their selection, they also received a mysterious letter. Upon opening it, they learned that they HAD been accepted to Hogwarts all those years ago – their letter had just been lost in the mail!

As part of our fundraising efforts for #GGBDoBetter, a small lucky dip stall, “The Geeky Cauldron” (another bit of wordplay, this time a reference to the pub frequented by Rowling’s witches and wizards) was set up on a nearby table. In exchange for a 50p donation to the Make-a-Wish Foundation, Brunchettes could reach into the cauldron and take out a tissue-wrapped item, not knowing if they had drawn a trick or a treat! The charity had been especially chosen in connection with our magic theme: through our celebration, we wanted to help make wishes come true.


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Just like our previous visit, the food at Bill’s was delicious and well-prepared. Our fare of choice included pancakes, British-style cooked breakfasts, toast with eggs or avocado, and even a little basket of pastries with jam and butter.

With tummies full and bags full of swag, we closed the day with our traditional tour around the geeky shops of Leeds – which included a 5-minute break to go looking for a Dragonair near the riverside.

So, despite a rocky start, it was a wonderful event enjoyed by all. We remain very grateful to the staff of Bill’s for acting as our Fairy Godmothers and allowing our event to go ahead.

And speaking of Fairy Godmothers, just wait and see what our next brunch theme will be!


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