GGB Tyler – And the Villainous intent

GGB Tyler – And the Villainous intent

Welcome to another addition of Geek Girl Brunch Tyler. I’m your host, Officer Crystal, and I am here to amaze and astound. Okay, maybe not amaze and astound, but I’m definitely here to tell you how amazing my brunettes and fellow officers are. Since Suicide Squad came out this month, for this months theme, we chose to celebrate our Villainous side.

We gathered together at Three Z’s Azian Cuizine thanks to a recommendation through our brunchette polls. It also helped that it was in close proximity to the movie theater we were going to after brunch. Three Z’s is a casual Asian Fusion that did not disappoint. By the time I remembered to take pictures of the food, there wasn’t much left to photograph. So Naturally I had to order desert! Delicious Coconut Creme Brulee!


Not to brag, but this months Loot bags were pretty awesome. Officer Sarah bought some amazing Disney Villain fabric from ebay and brought it over for craft day! I quickly put my fellow officers to work pining the fabric to zippers so I could sew everyone handy make up bags. The Brunchettees got to choose between a black or cream and pink bag filled with awesome goodies.20160821_182354

We also made bath bombs that looked like little bombs. Brunchettee Amanda was the sweetest and brought all the brunchettes Harley Quinn Hair-bows. I couldn’t resist and wore it right away. Officer Nikki bought fantastic villain buttons from multiple etsy stores. We had Comic Book Villian buttons for the Jolly Roger Button shop, who hooked us up with special packaging. Disney Villian buttons from Icypanthers Art Shop, who threw in extra buttons to make sure all our Ladies got one. We even got Dr. Who villains from Virtually Vintage Co. My favorite out of the loot though, has to be from my favorite artist, Devin Lawson aka Spicy Donut. Our brunchettees loved his pinup stickers featuring Catwoman, Harley Quinn, and Poison Ivy!

I think best part of this months brunch was how proud we all were to geek out. We had brunchettes sporting their favorite geeky shirts, and multiple cosplayers rocking their outfits. Multiple heated conversations on the best and worst super hero movies and villains. Almost all of the ladies had their phones out playing Pokemon Go thanks to the pokestop that just so happened to be accessible in the restaurant! Which brings me to my final note, Don’t forget to visit us next month for our Pokemon Go Brunch! Stay Geeky my friends!

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