GGB Tampa Debuts: Say Hello to a New Squad!

GGB Tampa Debuts: Say Hello to a New Squad!

On August 14, 2016, the ladies of Geek Girl Brunch Tampa celebrated their official start with an inaugural brunch at the opulent Oxford Exchange. Just in time for the newest film from DC, our morning was appropriately themed “Suicide Squad.” Rising to the occasion, our ladies did not disappoint in colorful attire, Suicide Squad swag, and Joker-neon hair. Upon entering the establishment we were greeted with two of our favorite things: shelves of gorgeous books and cute glasses. A small bookstore/eyeglass shop sat at the main entrance and a few of us found it difficult not to shop ‘til we proverbially dropped.

We, however, had more important matters to get into…like mimosas, French toast, and getting to know each other.

GGB 4 smallGGB 2 small

With the assistance of the snazzily dressed general manager, Steven, and his amazing staff, our large group was split amongst two closely positioned tables. It was so incredible to finally get a chance to chat and learn more about each other. During our meal we discovered that more than a few of us love Broadway musicals, are accomplished cosplayers, and partake in an array of interests from fashion design to roller derby. Not only did we sip and eat, we exchanged some seriously fantastic ideas for future events.

It’s hard to properly articulate just how beautiful of a place the Oxford Exchange is. From the old-fashioned shoe shine chair to the long, polished staircase to the outdoor garden seating, the atmosphere felt so distinguished while catering to an eclectic crowd.

GGB 1 small

And yes, THE FOOD WAS BEYOND DELICIOUS. And the mimosas? Heavenly. The women didn’t just leave with full stomachs, but swag bags filled with goodies: comics, handmade Suicide Squad perler bead magnets and bath bombs, and Geek Girl Brunch Tampa calling cards to pass along to some future Brunchettes! Afterwards, a few Brunchettes went to a local movie theater to cap the event with a viewing of the movie that started it all.
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The most important factor to note, however, was the energy amongst the group. It was so positive, friendly, and fun that we can’t wait to partake in all of it again. 


It was such a promising start to a beautiful chapter. And the best part, you may ask? We’re just getting started.

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