GGB Savannah – Geek Long and Prosper!

GGB Savannah – Geek Long and Prosper!

Star Trek girls

July 31st marked Savannah Geek Girl Brunch’s 3rd official brunch,  ‘Geek Long and Prosper.’ In honor of the 50th anniversary of the premier of the infamous Star Trek, we thought it only right to celebrate the start of one of sci-fi’s most classic shows. This brunch was also the first co-ed brunch in which brunchettes were allowed to bring a ‘plus-one,’ no matter what gender they identified as. The plan was to go see the new Star Trek movie, “Star Trek – Beyond,” followed by a big lunch at the nearby Carrabba’s.

The brunch got off to a rocky start, with one of the officers getting in a minor fender-bender, but luckily everyone was alright and the damage to the cars was minimal! It was a great feeling though, to arrive and see such a large group of GGB members and their friends, ready to go see a fun movie.


Since it was also the first brunch in which we had a specific theme, as opposed to a broader one, like the previous month’s, “Rep Your Fandom,” Meg and Samantha decided to go all out with the gift bags and goodies. Meg hand crafted Star Trek gift bags which looked just like the shirts worn by officers in Star Trek, which everyone was very impressed by.


There was a very big surprise waiting for our girls, though!

Star Trek bows 2

Anna, a fellow member of Geek Girl Brunch, and officer to the Salt Lake City, Utah chapter, also happened to be having a Star Trek themed brunch that month, and she had made adorable Star Trek themed hair bows for all their members.

Star Trek bows

When Meg and Samantha gushed over the hair bows, Anna offered to make bows for all of our members!



14193570_10104588306813394_456955222_nEach girl received her very own hair bow, and Samantha decided to make one for both she and Meg in the official colors of the Savannah chapter. The girls loved them and everyone decided to put them on before going into the movie.







The movie was a bunch of fun, and it was hilarious to see that at least 1/3rd of the theater being taken up by our brunchettes and their guests. After the movie, all the members gathered in the lobby to take a group photo of our members (which proved hard to do, since there were so many of us!). We then all trooped over to Carrabba’s, where we had a separate room from the dining area reserved for us.


The wait staff there were very friendly and accommodating, and the manager was excited to be hosting our group. Unfortunately, the restaurant lighting was very dim, so most of the photos taken came out pretty fuzzy, but everyone had a blast getting to meet the new brunchettes and catch up since the last meeting.


We ended the brunch by drawing names out of a hat to win Star Trek themed prizes! The prizes included; costume Spock ears, beer glasses with pixelated pictures of Star Trek characters on them, a phaser keychain, a Star Trek watch, and shot glasses with vintage Star Trek posters printed on them.



The brunch ended with everyone very happy, full and looking forward to our next brunch, “The Breakfast Club – Geeks Just Wanna Have Fun.”

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