GGB Denton’s Disney Karaoke Brunch

GGB Denton’s Disney Karaoke Brunch

GGB Denton Texas officially had the sing-songiest brunch ever and we’re 99.9% sure we’re Disney Princesses! As we belted out mermaid heartache, childhood classics, and about letting it all go, we proved you’re never too old for Disney. This was a Geek Girls Do Better Brunch and our Brunchettes supported our community by donating school supplies for Big Brothers Big Sisters Denton! Our ladies brought so many awesome backpacks and loose supplies for underprivileged to go back to school in style! We also had our first monthly Brunchette of the Month, Katherine, and her Q&A will be at the end of the blog so be sure to check it out!PhotoGrid_1472431283437

We had a WONDERFUL venue, Killer’s Tacos here in Denton Texas. They let us rename some tacos in honor of the event (Dishonor on Your Cow/Thai, The Mickey/Classic, The Thumper/Vegan, Woody’s Roundup/BBQ, Under the Sea/Fish). We also got the whole place to ourselves, which was perfect, because we packed it out! We had dinglehoppers (by Officer Victoria), fruit filled feelings to eat (based on Inside Out characters), and mimosas to drink! Our Brunchettes loved getting to pick from a long list of Disney songs to perform, and everyone got to sing-a-long with the words on screen. Almost everyone came in costume and were very excited to receive handmade Ariel inspired seashell necklaces (by Officer Florisa) and Mickey ears (by Officer Seana). All the ladies also went home with Frozen stickers and Jungle Book bookmarks, donated by Jenna. We even got the employees involved when Tatiana came up to sing karaoke, she even signed up as a member that day! So far this has been one of our most fun events and it shows that our chapter is succeeding and that we have a wonderful, ever growing, group of lady geeks!

DSC_0028 (Medium)

We also had some great raffle prizes! Here are our winning ladies!

DSC_0006 (Medium)

Tinkerbell 2017 Calendar, to spread stardust and be feisty whenever she makes plans!DSC_0009 (Medium)We had a mystery Disney keychain bag, and we made her open it asap! (It was Pluto!)
DSC_0011 (Medium)

We gave out a set of Brave bracelets to inspire some strong independence! Donated by Officer SeanaDSC_0013 (Medium)

We got a great donation from Jenna at Susan Jacobs Inc including this advanced copy of a digital download of Captain America: Civil War!DSC_0015 (Medium)

We got classic, with a Mickey Mouse 2017 calendar!DSC_0017 (Medium)

We had some awesome Cinderella silhouette earrings by Black Orchid Customs donated by Officer Taylor

DSC_0019 (Medium)Our winner for the Belle special print by local Denton artist Jessica Von Braun

DSC_0021 (Medium)

Our big karaoke prize was a four set of Lion King Tsum-Tsums, Pumbaa, Zazu, Scar, and TimoneDSC_0023 (Medium)

We had a jar of guess the Gems like a true princess, and our winner received a journal & markers to color the wind!DSC_0025 (Medium)

We had a special small award for the best karaoke singer, and Alex blew us away with her rendition of A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes. It was like Cinderella was right in front of us! We awarded her the Disney Princess Starter, a little bluebird of happiness. DSC_0032 (Medium)(Officer Victoria, BBBS Heather, Officer Seana, Officer Florisa, & Officer Taylor)

Lastly, but not leastly for Brunch, we gathered all our Do-Good Princess moment by donating school supplies and backpacks to Big Brothers Big Sisters Denton County, and our representative Heather jumped in for some Mickey ears and seashell necklaces as she excitedly took a car full of supplies!

Our next brunch will be all things Sailor Moon!! It will take place September 24th from 11am-1pm at Le Peep Denton, a cute venue with traditional brunch fare, tickets are only $6 and we have the whole menu to choose from!

August 2016 Brunchette of the Month

Now to our first Brunchette of the Month! Katherine, a staple for our brunches and overall champion of mimosas, was excitedly the girl of the hour! She was the winner of out “What Should We Do Next?” contest and received a Peter Pan lanyard with a badge of honor proclaiming her the first GGB Denton Brunchette of the Month! Here’s the following Q&A with her, so that all y’all lovely people could know her as well as we do! You’ll see why she’s the best!


My name is Katherine. I was born and raised in Denton, so I’m all about supporting our local community. I have been in the aquatics industry, performing various jobs, for 11 years now. I currently work at TWU as the Second Assistant Pool Manager. I am a Junior at TWU, majoring in Dietetics and Nutritional Science. I’m definitely a science nerd with a passion for food and health (though I might not look it ). I enjoy crocheting, reading, watching movies, riding my motorcycle, camping, and snuggling with my cat when I’m not neck deep in homework.

What was your first geeky interest? Definitely Star Wars

What are some of your favorite fandoms? I gravitate toward fantasy, teen lit, and science fiction. Other than Star Wars, I’ll geek out over some comic book movies!

Do you cosplay? I do not, however, I am a great admirer. It’s so impressive!

How did you hear about Geek Girl Brunch Denton? I was at the first Star Wars Pint Night at Oak Street Draft House, and me being who I am, had to be nosey and find out what this one chick was reading; turned out to be Victoria (who would be become an officer GGB Denton), before the forming of the Denton chapter. I went to a couple of the Dallas meetings before, but I LOVE the Denton group so much, that I have not since been tempted by the Dark Side (read: driving south on I-35 to Dallas). I really appreciate how much effort Denton ladies put into organizing and planning our monthly meetings. It truly shows! Ya’ll always have activities planned, which I feel greatly encourages getting to know my fellow brunchettes.

If you could plan 1 brunch, what would the theme, location, and activities be? I continue to go back to the painting with a twist! I love getting a little crafty with some girls and alcohol

What else would you like us to know about you? Uuummm… ya’ll already know I can’t sing… you can guess I can’t dance… so… FOODS! I LOVES FOODS! Haha!

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