GGB NYC: Retro Cartoons

GGB NYC: Retro Cartoons

Once upon a time, many aeons ago, June was a time to celebrate the joyous dawn of summer vacation. Now that we’re old(er) and “Summer Fridays” are the closest we’ll get to the sweet release of sunshine, we wanted to revisit the (g)olden days where our biggest concern was what toy would be in our cereal boxes, when we asked not “Did I pay my bills this month? Shit…” but rather, “Will Helga admit her crush to Arnold? Will Jem come to terms with her split personalities? Will Scooby Doo meet a *real* ghost?” (You know, the important questions in life).

We met at the Branded Saloon in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn – our first Brooklyn brunch of 2016! As our brunchettes settled in, theme songs from classic cartoons were projected on the big screens. If you ever want to tickle your nostalgia bone, listen to the theme songs of your favorite kids’ shows. We had a Duck Tales sing-along, joined in with Josie and the Pussycats and got dangerous to Darkwing Duck! Plus, resident artist Monique Steele designed a retro inspired cartoon image. It was so adorable!

During the brunch buffet we picked our first show to watch. Animaniacs won by a slight margin and we let our geek flag fly with the karaoke episode with William Shatner! After another round of mimosas, it was time to watch Hey, Arnold. Firstly, “The Haunted Train” is still fantastic. Secondly, “What’s Opera, Arnold?” is just objectively good opera. Who knew?

We also raffled off a poster of Monique’s artwork. In addition to that we had a Civil War pack which included Captain America: Civil War cereal (with marshmallow shields) with a koozie and washcloth. We also had a comics pack so you could read with your cereal, which included Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Scooby Doo meeting the Girls of Gotham. No idea how that crossover happened, but get the comic to find out!


After spending the morning watching cartoons and drinking mimosas it was time for…ICE CREAM! Indulging in our youth was great, but there’s nothing quite like being old enough to eat dessert whenever you want. We walked over to Ample Hills Creamery for some fantastic ice cream – favorites were the Commodore and Oooey Gooey Butter Cake.

It was a fantastic day and so much fun – we didn’t  stop laughing or talking the whole time! It was a wonderful first brunch of the summer.
We’ll see you in July for our next brunch — look out for owls coming with the invitations.

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