GGB South Florida: SaberCraft

GGB South Florida: SaberCraft


A few weeks ago, Geek Girl Brunch South Florida got such an amazing opportunity. Alfred and Santiago of SaberCraft agreed to host our girls and provide us with our own Lightsaber class! This is a new trend popping up all over the world, where Star Wars fans get to train as if they are a Jedi and learn the very moves they have loved watching for years on screen.


We initially started the class with a quick yoga-style meditation and then got to start learning moves with a foam saber. This way, everything was as safe as possible while we got used to maneuvering with our peers. The masters level students were also in attendance to help us, and often we would split into partners where they would instruct us 1:1. It was beyond amazing, and surprisingly empowering.


Towards the end of class, we got to practice all the moves we learned with true sabers! The lights were switched off and we got to have our own little out of this world nerdy rave. I can’t really express how fun this experience was. We are forever thankful for the opportunity, and we can’t wait to host another one soon.

For those of you that are local to the South Florida area, check out SaberCraft. Their affordable classes are so totally worth it – we’ve already had several girls join since our event! And if you want to see them in action, check them out at Florida Supercon, where they will be holding a demonstration.

For those of you located elsewhere, try to find your own chapter. It’s not only fun, but a great and creative way to work out! I know our chapter has several new moms that really appreciated the exercise without having to bore themselves to death on a cardio machine!

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