GGB Seattle April Brunch – Star Wars

GGB Seattle April Brunch – Star Wars

A long time ago (actually, just a little over a week ago) in a galaxy far, far away (okay – one toll bridge away can seem far when you’re in between pay days), a group of fascinating women gathered at a quaint little spot in Seattle to discuss a subject close to many hearts: Star Wars.

In April, we saw the rollout of the Poe Dameron comic (a personal favorite of Heather’s) as well as the release of The Force Awakens on Blu Ray.   Why not have our first brunch of 2016 be Star Wars – themed?

We met at The Bookstore in Seattle, a cute little cafe very close to the waterfront.  The weather was gorgeous, and once our brunch began, most other patrons left so we had the place to ourselves.  Topics ranged from favorite comic book moments to what each member does for a living.  We were having so much fun talking about a variety of subjects that we barely touched on the Star Wars theme!

I think all attendees would agree: the highlight of the brunch was getting to know each other. Many of the Brunchettes had never met before (in fact, most were attending their first brunch).  Carpooling seemed to be a great way to break the ice — we highly recommend it if you’re attending a centrally-located meeting spot.

The menu seemed to offer options for a variety of budgets and the food tasted fantastic!   We wrapped up the brunch with a fun raffle with goofy, awesome Saprbrunch3meltar Wars prizes!aprbrunch5amyandtiffany
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Each brunchette was sent home with a custom-made Star Wars finger puppet (because who doesn’t love a rad finger puppet) and a variety of Star Wars comics.  There may or may not have been laffy taffy ropes for lightsabers, too.

Our next brunch is planned for mid-May and will be Marvel-themed, to coincide with the release of Civil War on May 7th.  Stay tuned for our next post!!  If you’re local and checking out our blog to see what’s happening, hop over to our FB page and subscribe so you will receive event updates.

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