GGB Milwaukee’s Pre-Easter Linner

GGB Milwaukee’s Pre-Easter Linner

The timing for our March event was a little wonky, with the Easter holiday falling on the same weekend, but the Milwaukee chapter still had a great turnout for its first ever “linner.” We thought we’d switch it up and do a lunch/dinner combo instead of breakfast/lunch. There were less eggs, but not less cocktails! We didn’t choose an overarching theme, we wanted the venue – 42 Ale House – to be the theme. It did not disappoint.

It was so hard to choose from the excellently named food and drink menu, and it was equally as hard to stay in our seats when there was so much to see and do around the whole place. Part of the fun of this menu was seeing who knew all the references. We definitely had to Google some of them! We were seated in the Dota room; thankfully one of our brunchettes is a gamer and knew exactly what all the gorgeous artwork was.

We spent a good portion of our time discussing themes and ideas for future events. Now that spring weather is FINALLY arriving in Wisconsin, we’re looking forward to doing a little tailgating at a Brewers game – perhaps for Superhero Night? – and working a few other field trips in as well. Last time we had a kraft paper tablecloth to decorate as we chatted and ate, this time each place was set with a doily that our geek girls could color – or spill – on as they saw fit. Our officers used their doilies for lists so that we don’t forget any of the great ideas we came up with!

Our running theme for swag has been dessert, since we’ve done sweet edibles as party favors for each event. For our linner, every brunchette headed home with a Peep-achu and a Peep-3PO of their very own, as a sweet tribute to the holiday weekend. That is, after we were able to get Peep-achu away from their plus twin.



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