GGB Twin Cities: Romance Fiction Fest

GGB Twin Cities: Romance Fiction Fest

GGB TC’s February brunch was all about romance…

…Kind of! Our theme was “Romance Fiction Fest” and we planned on talking about favorite romance novels, TV shows, movies, romantic characters and more on the day before Valentine’s Day. However, the brunchettes at this particular meetup weren’t exactly the biggest romance buffs (myself included actually!). Instead, we had general discussions about the romantic fiction we have come across, how it frequently reinforces negative gender stereotypes. Just goes to show the kind of stuff we get presented by mass media. Next time, we need someone more schooled on the subject to guide us toward the right kind of romantic fiction (I know there’s positive stuff out there, I just haven’t really read any myself).

After that, we moved on to the important conversation of first crushes (real and geeky) and who has a preference for bad boys.

Brunch arrived and we dug in to Pizza Luce’s impressive spread.

Later, our conversation moved on to other topics. All of our attendees were repeat brunchettes, so there was a lot to catch up on. A few brunchettes had played D&D together after last month’s meeting. Others jealously discussed the cool Hogwarts robes on display at our Harry Potter brunch last month.

We were lucky enough to have a brunchette bring her camera and snap some pictures for us. Take a look:

All in all, it was a perfect way to spend a cold Minnesota Galentine’s Day. (We’re already planning summer camp-outs when it’s warm!)

Next month is a classic geek theme: Superheroes. Can’t wait!

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