GGB Leeds: Launch – The Heroine Within

GGB Leeds: Launch – The Heroine Within

On March 13th, as Irish dancers and beautiful floats flooded the main street in honour of St Patrick’s Day, a restaurant called Bill’s was playing host to another celebration. Here, the Leeds chapter of Geek Girl Brunch got together for the very first time.


Our theme was “The Heroine Within”, and Brunchettes were asked to choose their favourite heroine from a book or comic. Many of the Leeds ladies arrived wearing T-shirts and jewellery honouring their choices. Two of the officers even made a jump into cosplay, dressing up as Luna Lovegood and Dr. Susan Calvin.

At Bill’s, we were led to a large upstairs room that allowed us to dine and geek out in privacy. As we discussed our chosen heroines and other geeky matters, several of us tucked into pancakes, whilst others favoured the traditional full English breakfast … and one Brunchette treated herself to avocado on toast!


The fun didn’t stop with food and geeky chatter, though. Thanks to the generosity of local independent vendors and businesses, we were able to hold a prize draw, with several wonderful items up for grabs.


As luck would have it, we had exactly enough prizes for each Brunchette to win something, so everyone left happy… and they also got a magic pencil troll as a special bonus! Here’s a selection of our “winners”:

With our tummies full, we took a few group photos…

…and then set off on a geeky tour of the city.

Our first stop was Travelling Man, a local comic store that very kindly made up goodie bags for each of our Brunchettes. They have been very supportive of the Leeds chapter since the beginning, so in exchange for their kindness, we granted them Honorary Brunchette Status – which included a certificate and a box of chocolates!


After visiting a couple more geeky hotspots, we said our goodbyes and went our separate ways. 13 may be unlucky for some, but for the Leeds Chapter, it was a wonderful day, and a sign of good things to come!

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