GGB Raleigh – Star Wars Brunch

GGB Raleigh – Star Wars Brunch

After a 2 month hiatus for the holidays, our girls gathered to test how the Force has been treating them.We met at Relish Cafe in Raleigh (for the second time) to meet old and new members around the table.


Many lively debates broke out over how The Force Awakens made us feel ALL THE FEELS as well as little debates over our fan theories on how Rey is going to be connected to the rest of the characters. We debated between Rey being so Force sensitive that Luke (who is NOT her father) hid her in the biggest sandpit to keep her safe.

We also kept ourselves busy with these awesome Star Wars Play Pack provided by one of our fantastic brunettes! It was unfortunate that we all tried to color in our favorite Emo Kylo Ren, but there was no black crayon to be found in the pack. You can find some of these packs at Target for a $1! We had a couple of green BB-8 droids going around the table.



The Crafts!


So, as most know, Officer Kathryn is kinda crafty and really tried to go outside the box for this brunch. Have you seen those hot chocolate ornament? Officer Kathryn has seen some turned into Flo Powder from Harry Potter and after a quick re-watch of A New Hope, Kathryn had a genius idea; Alderaan Dust. What better way to remember all those souls that were lost that to have the millions of voices that were suddenly silenced. We had some fun debating while the hot chocolate ornaments were morbid of hilarious. My vote is hilarious.

Our girls also left with a very cute coaster/patch to take home and enjoy made from a fleece pattern found at JoAnne Fabrics. Have you guys looked at the Star Wars fabrics there? There are so many!

We can’t wait to see ya’ll for our next brunch installment of GGB Raleigh: Love Your Fandom!

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