GGB Baltimore: Galentine’s Day With Deadpool

GGB Baltimore: Galentine’s Day With Deadpool

Even though it was freezing here in Baltimore, around 15 lovely ladies made it out for the Deadpool themed lunch! We had an amazing waitress at Don Pablo’s who was fantastic. I can imagine it’s not easy with such a large group but she did an outstanding job of checking on everyone and making sure we all had the right orders. Before the ladies descended upon the restaurant we placed a red carnation and a box of candy hearts that our officer Sara decorated at every seat, a nice little welcome for when everyone arrived. Arrive they did! One by one, they slowly started filling in and it didn’t take long for the conversation to start flowing. Of course there was talk of Deadpool but ladies could be overheard talking about their updated Hogwarts sorting, what they’ve been watching on TV and Netflix, and how we’re all ready for winter to be over! In complete Deadpool fashion, some of us ordered chimichangas, others stuck with tacos, and a few even left room for dessert! Before we parted ways before the movie though (we had some time to kill), we held a raffle for a swag bag filled with wonderful goodies like a sketch by Michael Duron and a cute hair clip by Nerd Girl Britt and a few other Deadpool goodies. A huge thank you to them for donating! We truly appreciate it.

Once everyone settled their checks, some ladies headed off to check out the make up store, while others headed off to check out some books. Once everyone did a little shopping, we came back together and settled in for the movie! I have to say, it felt pretty awesome to have an entire row filled with geek girls! I know a few other Chapters had movie outings to see Deadpool and I think it’s fantastic. Pay attention studios, we love movies too! During the movie, almost all of us were laughing and cracking up and when it was all over, I think it’s safe to say we all enjoyed it! It was completely different from any other current super hero movie out there but it all worked!

We want to thank everyone who came out! We’ve already sent out the invitation for the next event and we can’t wait!

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