Holiday Gift Guide for the Geek Beauty and Fashion Lover

Holiday Gift Guide for the Geek Beauty and Fashion Lover

Hey guys and welcome to my holiday beauty gift guide!

It’s already December and (if you didn’t do it all in one fell swoop on Black Friday), you need some ideas for your Chapter’s Secret Santa or just for a friend. Here is gift guide for the beauty lovers on your list (or yourself!).


MPM - Makeup Guide1. This is the Galaxy Chic eyeshadow palette from BH Cosmetics and it’s not specifically geeky, but the colours and name just say “Magical Girl” all over! And the colours are really pigmented which is great if you have darker skin like me | 2. Sephora‘s Jem and the Holograms: Truly Outrageous Liquid Lip set (they also have other pieces in their limited edition collection) | 3. Wet n Wild Disney Villains Perfectly Arched Evil Eyebrow kit; | 4. Of course I had to add the Limited Edition Covergirl x Star Wars makeup collection. Any one or combination (like Jedi/Sith Lord) of these would be a great gift! You can get them here or here but they sell out quickly! Try going to a store! | 5. Lip tints from Fictitious Fragrances (Edit: They just sold out but the lip balms are still available and just as good! If you still want the lip tint, contact the store owner to ask when they’ll be back.) | 6. Miss Manga Rock mascara for your beautiful shoujo eyes;


I'd wear everything on here

1. Magical Girl design t-shirts, price range varies based on the style of shirt you choose but base price is $20; Tee Public | 2. Fair Isle Doctor Who cardigan, versatile, warm and cute and now sold out, but here is an alternative Doctor Who cardi, available in plus sizes; Hot Topic | 3. This snazzy Black Widow belted faux leather jacket, also available in plus sizes; Hot Topic | 4. Darth Vader Cape Dress; Hot Topic x Her Universe | 5. ‘Do You Even Pose?’ Jojo tshirt; Shark Robot | 6. It’s not Christmas without this Guardians of the Galaxy ugly Christmas sweater; Tee Fury | 7. Tatooine Maxi Dress; Think Geek | 8. Tardis Knit Dress; Her Universe

I actually love Batman, so that's the skirt I have

9. Agent Carter Newsprint Tee; Her Universe x Think Geek | 10. Call of Cthulhu tank; GeekyU | 11. Jake the Dog bodysuit (depending on how you feel about the material you could probably use this as a swimsuit too); WeLoveFine | 12. Superman Bodycon Skirt; Forever 21 | 13. Princess Bubblegum cardigan, perfect for closet cosplays; WeLoveFine | 14. Suit Up Stormtrooper Pencil Skirt; GeekyU | 15. X-Men Xavier’s School Cardigan; Think Geek | SpiderGwen hoodie; WeLoveFine



1. Wooden Triforce stud earrings; JuniperandIvy | 2. The Walking Dead crossbow bracelet (also available in silver); Love and Madness | 3. Lightsaber earrings; OW! My foot (yes that really is the name of the store) | 4. Legend of Zelda Ocarina necklace; LizGlizz | 5.  Senpai necklace; Hell Yeah Sweet n Sour | 6. Avengers Puzzle Necklace; Stamped Memories by Mel | 7. YOUCH! Piranha Plant earrings, alternatively you could get the Chain Chomp earrings; LizGlizz | 8. Alice in Wonderland quote bracelet; Modcloth | 9. Fandom rings: Harry Potter, Fangirl ring, Batman, Scully and Mulder | 10. Princess Bride necklace; Modcloth | 11. Supernatural licence plate necklace; The Colorful Geek


Does anyone even read Alt Text?

1. C-3PO coin purse; Loungefly | 2. Captain Planet tote bag; Cartoon Network store | 3. Superhero headband; Janine Basil | 4. Big Boss Keychain; Fan Gamer | 5. Wicked Horns tote bag; The Colorful Geek | 6. TMNT headwrap; 1138 Clothing | 7. Space Race pinball game iPhone case; Hot Topic | 8. Puppycat wallet; WeLoveFine | 9. “Timey Wimey” floppy hat; GeekyU | 10. Studio Ghibli hair bow; Kitsch and Crossbones | 11. ‘Nobody calls me chicken’ tote bag; The Colorful Geek | 12. Sailor Moon selfie stick, these seem to be all over Amazon and eBay and this store | 13. Nancy Drew tote bag; Modcloth | 14. 3D molded Darth Vader purse; Think Geek


Bath bombs <3

Here are just a few things I love that I didn’t have room for or didn’t fit the categories I made. The first two are from Fictitious Fragrances. 1. Perfume oils, I particularly like the citrus and smoke ‘Mother of Dragons‘, 2. Bath bombs, this one, Amortentia, is now sold out | 3. Pokemon leggings; Tee Fury, the ghost type is sold out, but grass types are a close third | 4. ‘Glorious Purpose’ undies from Jordan Dene | 5. Shenlong crop top; Sweet n Sour | 6. Big Hero 6 slip-ons; Hot Topic.

If you find anything you love from a commercial store, check out first for coupon codes! I hope you enjoy my *modest* list and wish you good luck shopping, because everything is selling out wow. Happy Holidays to all from GGB Dominica!

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