GGB San Antonio’s November Hunger Games Event!

GGB San Antonio’s November Hunger Games Event!


For November, GGB San Antonio decided to break outside of its brunch shell and host an event in the park — The GGB San Antonio Hunger Games, in recognition of November being the month Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part II would conclude its trilogy on the big screen!

Let the Hunger Games Begin!


It was an overcast day, but a group of lovely ladies suited out in their Hunger Games best and came to call on their Capitol Invitiation. The GGB San Antonio Hunger Games consisted of short hike to a gorgeously enclosed wooded location with a small public pavillion in O.P. Schnabel Park.

1We all took up nerf guns, a first handful of amo, and began running, dodging, hiding, shrieking, as an all out geekgirl-for-geekgirl battle took place across our forested area (pausing only for children and hikers, of course, during which we all scrambled in our understood ceasefire of politeness to pick up whatever amo we could find nearby).

It was a number of hours spent laughing, running and shrieking (especially when the nerf gun with the whistling bullets would somehow miss you but leaving you jumping at the sound anyway). We had an awesome time, and we finished it up by taking a rest under the pavillion talking about our theme and everything else we could relate to it (a geek girl super power our women are well equipt with, too!).

4As this was an event and not a normal brunch, we hadn’t specifically given out a number or a plan for making/bringing treats this time, but our women still blew us away. Every geek girl walked away with a handmade, GGB San Antonio exclusive “Hanging Tree” noose bracelet with an arrow charm on it.

After a good relaxing rest, full of laughter and talking, we hiked our way back out of the park and said our goodbyes — while challenging ourselves to another event just like this, next summer for Percy Jackson, with water guns, water balloons, and Geek-Roman (Camp Half-Blood/Camp Jupiter) teams.

You love me. Real or not real?

Real, Geek Girls. Always, always, always real.

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