GGB Los Angeles – The Brunch Awakens!

GGB Los Angeles – The Brunch Awakens!

With Star Wars: The Force Awakens coming to theaters in just a few more days, we just knew that December would have to be our Star Wars themed brunch!

The Brunch Awakens

On Saturday, December 5th, we gathered at The Federal Bar – or should we say the Trade Federation Bar? No we should not, because this bar was great and we should not taint it with thoughts of the prequels.

The Federal Bar had delicious food and a great bottomless mimosa/meal special. The big hit at our brunch was the breakfast poutine.

Photo Dec 05, 12 25 04 PM

As for our Star Wars theme, brunchette Shelly made us some ridiculously awesome care packages from her company Nerdy But Still Girly. The goodie bags included:

  • R2D2 and C3PO earrings
  • Stormtrooper necklace
  • A Star Wars pin, mirror or magnet
  • A hand cut Chewbacca sticker
  • A coupon for free shipping from her store

Photo Dec 05, 11 42 11 AM

We loved them so much, most of us put them on right away!

Thanks Shelly! We hope you will go and check out her store, she has the perfect merchandise for any geek girl.

The highlight of brunch for me was when the girls from the next table came over to ask what was going on. It turns out they were pretty geeky themselves! We exchanged info, and we hope to see them at a future brunch!


We capped brunch off with a quick Star Wars trivia game for some goodies and a quick round of Jessica Jones talk. Because that show is amazing.

Great food, awesome goodies and amazing geek girls made this one of our best brunches yet!

Written by SarahTheRebel, LA Chapter Officer and author of Agent Carter Season One: Declassified. Follow her @SarahTheRebel

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