GGB Milwaukee’s “Bewitching” Launch Brunch

GGB Milwaukee’s “Bewitching” Launch Brunch

Last weekend a small yet mighty group of brunchettes gathered together at the Cafe Hollander on Milwaukee’s East side to celebrate fall holidays and talk fandom.


We also enjoyed the sweet and savory offerings of our chosen brunch spot, as well as some excellent beverages. Beer-mosa anyone?


Originally we planned on having some ice breaker questions, but since we had a smaller group we just went around the table and talked about what our fandoms are and what our geeky interests include. There were quite a few tangents about who is a Dean girl and who is a Sam girl, which Doctor is the best, and which book-to-movie adaptation is the most faithful, but we found out we have a lot in common, and a lot of new stuff to expose each other to as well. We also ended up sharing our “lists,” the top five fictional guys we would choose for ourselves. Who would you choose?

Our swag bags were full of tasty treats the represent Halloween (a bag of trick-or-treat candy generously donated by an officer’s son), Samhain (homemade soul cakes), and Dia de los Muertos (homemade calaveras cookies). They were the perfect desserts for our first brunch!

We discussed our next brunch – a Disney themed event that will happen in early January – and hopefully more brunchettes can join in then! Check out our chapter page for our social media information and give us a follow.

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