GGB Montreal – N7 Mass Effect Potluck Brunch

GGB Montreal – N7 Mass Effect Potluck Brunch

Renegade Sugar Cookies
On November 7th, 2015 the Montreal chapter decided to have an N7 Day brunch to celebrate one our favourite video game franchises, Mass Effect. For those not in the know, Mass Effect is a series of video games centered around the adventures of human space Commander Shepard, who can be male or female. In the mythology of Mass Effect, N7 is the most elite special forces designation in the Systems Alliance (read: human) military. For a few years now, BioWare, the game developer that produces the Mass Effect series has been encouraging their fans to celebrate N7 day on November 7th and often run special promotions around that time.

Brunch and Mass Effect
For our event we decided to host a pot-luck brunch since we understand that not everyone can afford to go out every month and wanted even cash strapped brunchettes could participate. We were lucky to have access to the TAG Lab at Concordia University so we opted to host the event there since there was lots of room and multiples screens we could display our Shepard avatars and introduce newcomers to the games.

Garrus and Grunt
Although it was another small brunch turn out, the brunchettes who did come really outdid themselves with delicious cakes and cookies, especially the Renegade cookies made by a brunchette who hadn’t even played a Mass Effect game yet!

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