Geek Girl Brunch South Florida – Halloween Open Fandom

Geek Girl Brunch South Florida – Halloween Open Fandom

Who doesn’t love getting in costume? Our chapter members sure didn’t disappoint at this month’s GGB: South Florida Halloween Open Fandom brunch. Hogwarts witches, time lords, Link and Zelda, Princess Leia, a muppet and even the angel, Castiel! The girls really went all out and looked amazing. We couldn’t be happier at the enthusiasm and excitement everyone showed at this month’s brunch. There was such camaraderie and delight all around. Everyone was so thankful to be in attendance and it was a real pleasure for the chapter officers to receive such positive feedback from all the brunchettes. This brunch was one of our largest events to date, thanks to Earl’s Kitchen and Bar who accommodated 40 of us. They were extremely pleasant and patient with our happy bunch and the food and cocktails were delicious!

2015-10-27 19.17.28

We were very fortunate to have a lot of sponsors donating swag items. Everyone who attended received Mockingjay posters and pins to get them ready for the next Hunger Games movie. The goodie bags also included candy, Jurassic Park luggage tags, gift tags, vampire teeth, skull rings, temp tats, custom made GGB cookies made and donated by one of our awesome members and hair clips made by our very own officer, Melificent! We also had a lot of items that were raffled; Jurassic Park Blu-rays, a Teeblox subscription and the crowd favorite, geeky candles by featuring Black Widow, Wonder Woman and Princess Leia.

2015-10-28 20.20.25
Overall, our 4th brunch proved to be a major success and we can’t wait to follow it up with the next few events on schedule.
GGB custom cookies by Cake Art Shop
Card tags by Wenjuice
Pixel hair clips by
Temp tattoos by Jordan Dene
Jurassic Park and Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 2 merch by Lionsgate
2015-10-26 18.17.02
See ya in November, brunchettes!

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