GGB Twin Cities: Warrior Women!

GGB Twin Cities: Warrior Women!


For the second Twin Cities meeting, brunchettes had to earn their breakfast! Before eating, we dressed in comfortable clothes and met in Minneapolis, at the YogaQuest studio.

If you haven’t heard of it, YogaQuest adds a storytelling element to a yoga class. A theme is picked and a script is written about that theme. Yoga poses are assigned to certain words, like character names or places. Then, the script for the quest is read. When the narrator says one of the magic words, you have to get into the pre-assigned pose.

IMG_5002 - Copy
The YogaQuest studio, aka the YQudio

Our YogaQuest theme? Xena: Warrior Princess! Xena was specially requested by GGB TC co-chair Lindsey, and the YogaQuest crew was more than willing to oblige. Instructor Justini and scriptwriter/narrator Jenny began the class by walking us through the poses. Whenever we heard the word “Xena”, we had to get into the warrior two pose. Whenever we heard “Gabrielle”, we had to get into the star pose, and so on.

IMG_5004 - Copy
Justini and Jenny giving us our warrior training

Jenny had taken a season two Xena episode, “A Day in the Life” and rewritten it, making sure to space out the magic words so we could have a fluid yoga session while still enjoying the story.

IMG_5005 - Copy
On our quest!

At first it was hard to remember which pose to do, even with Justini leading us from the front. But as the story went on, everyone’s movements became more fluid. Some seasoned Questers added in their own sound effects! (Justini and Jenny assured us there was even more enthusiastic vocal participation at their usual sessions…it was just too early in the morning for some Questers!)

At the end of the story, everyone joined in for the classic Xena battle cry. We liked it so much, we did it again after the cool down, much to the enjoyment of narrator Jenny.

I’d never seen the TV show Xena before, so this class was a hilarious introduction to the series. It was also really fun to do yoga  in a space that celebrates body positivity and general geekery.

Questers in “Xena” pose, complete with chakram.

After our workout, we enjoyed the late summer weather by sitting outside with our coffee and pastries from Isles Bun and Coffee.

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