Geek Girl Brunch LA – We Put A Spell On You!

Geek Girl Brunch LA – We Put A Spell On You!

Geek girls love Halloween! So it stands to reason that the theme of our brunch for the month of October would need to be something we all loved just as much: the movie Hocus Pocus.

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Unfortunately, our officer’s plan to dress as the Sanderson sisters was defeated by the whopping 100 degree weather in Los Angeles that day. Our makeup would have run amok. Amok, amok, amok!


Despite the lack of costumes, our brunchettes showed up in themed attire, ranging from witch chic to hipster cat puns. We topped our looks off with vampire teeth, courtesy of Officer Anastasia’s Halloween goodie bags.

ggb LA hocus pocus vamps

This month, we were lucky enough to have two treats for our brunchettes, both from the very amazing geek girl Mariah Huehner. Mariah is an NY Times bestselling writer and a Harvey award nominated editor of comics and graphic novels.

Mariah has an amazing series of Monster Girl prints that we knew would be perfect for our brunchettes. We played a little game of Witch Trivia, and the winners each received a print.

mariah huehner prints

Runners-up had nothing to frown about, as everyone who attended received a digital copy of Mariah’s new vampire-romance novel: A Bite in the Dark. It’s under her pen name, so keep quiet about it or we might have to sew some mouths shut!

Screen Shot 2015-10-11 at 8.07.22 PM

Our location for the Hocus Pocus brunch was a quiet tavern tucked away in the heart of Downtown LA: City Tavern. The brunch was delicious and was helped along by the bottomless Mimosas and Sangrias. There was even a live band playing outside in the common area!

photo credit: Family of Cosplay
photo credit: Family of Cosplay

October’s LA Geek Girl Brunch was a spellbinding affair. It was definitely one for the booooooooooks.

hocus pocus book bag

Written by SarahTheRebel, LA Chapter Officer and author of Agent Carter Season One: Declassified. Follow her @SarahTheRebel





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