GGB Quad Cities- Harry Potter Launch Brunch

GGB Quad Cities- Harry Potter Launch Brunch

*Late Update*
The Quad Cities Chapter had their first brunch on August 2nd with a Harry Potter theme!

Nicole, the craftiest of officers, made wicked house themed gift bags. These house bags included all of the wizarding essentials, a wand, hair bow, bookmark, magic potion, hairpin and of course a chocolate frog.


We brunched at a local Quad Cities restaurant, Governors. They were equipped with a bloody brilliant waffle bar and various different yummy brunch items. There was even a side room that was perfect for our gathering!

The brunch started with passing a box of Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans around and bravely eating whatever one came out. Needless to say it resulted in many laughs and disgusted faces. The brunch was full of giggles and geeky conversations.
Overall we all had a magical time! A huge thank you to all the fantastic ladies who join us.
We can’t wait for our next Brunch!
Feel free to check out Nicole’s etsy shop!

See you at our next Geek Girl Brunch!

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