GGB Reno’s Harry Potter Themed Inaugural Brunch!

GGB Reno’s Harry Potter Themed Inaugural Brunch!

For our inaugural brunch, Geek Girl Brunch Reno went with a Harry Potter theme! We all know that Brunchettes love Harry Potter. <3 Only two of our brunchettes dressed up, but hopefully, more will next time! It’s fun to nerd out together. ;]


We met up at Squeeze In for pitchers of mimosas and delicious brunch. We had two pitchers of mimosas at our table almost as soon as we sat down. We take our brunching pretty seriously. Squeeze In is a pretty popular brunch spot in Reno, and the food was delicious!


We had some pretty cute swag bags, with candy rings (or resurrection stones), yellow gumballs (snitches), and other random fun things!

We had a cute frame with colorful pipe cleaners decorating each side in the colors of the different Hogwarts houses. We had a ton of Ravenclaws show up!


In attendance were some awesome geeky ladies, and we hope to meet many more at our next brunch! Find out more about the Reno chapter on our Facebook page or our chapter page!

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