GGB Montreal’s Pre-Otakuthon Bakery Brunch

GGB Montreal’s Pre-Otakuthon Bakery Brunch

Geek Girl Brunch Montreal’s pre-convention brunches continued with August’s Otakuthon meet up at Chinese bakery Patisserie La Legende. As with our pre-Comicon brunch, all were welcome regardless of whether they were attending Otakuthon or not and again full cosplay was strongly encouraged.

GGB Montreal Otakuthon Brunch 2
We had one Sailor Scout, one Delsin from the game Infamous: Second Son, and we even had an attendee arrive in a yukata (cotton kimono). This brunch was much more informal than some of our other brunches as attendees could choose to grab delicious baked goods from the front of the bakery, or choose from any of the full breakfast items on offer. There was also bubble tea and Hong Kong milk tea for those who wanted something other than the usual morning coffee.

GGB Montreal Otakuthon Brunch 3
This was probably the best attended brunch yet in Montreal, with lots of new-comers and first-time brunchettes. Officer Gina had even taken our welcome package and made some of the magazines into buttons that were distributed among the attendees. While only a handful of us were attending the con, it was wonderful to get to meet so many wonderful geeky ladies.

It’s so great to see the word getting around the Montreal geek girl scene, and I hope that our next event, a Doctor Who themed brunch in September is even better attended.

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