GGB Kansas City’s ‘Represent Your Favorite Fandom’ Launch!

GGB Kansas City’s ‘Represent Your Favorite Fandom’ Launch!

On July 18th, Geek Girl Brunch Kansas City held their inaugural brunch, which boasted the theme: “Represent Your Favorite Fandom.”

Held at The Cheesecake Factory on the Plaza in Kansas City, we felt a bit like Sauron was watching over our brunch (and blessing it, perhaps?)

Swag was provided by the officers as well as a few local businesses. Included in the July swag bag were: bracelets made by Amanda, coasters made by Angie, a keytag from Elite Comics, a free download of Angst by David J. Pedersen and a coloring book assembled by the officers.

Say CHEESEcake Factory!


From Star Wars to Dr. Who, many fandoms were represented. We had a total of 18 ladies (counting our officers) and were very excited to see such success with our first brunch.image1

After stuffing ourselves via the brunch menu, many of us trekked up the street to the Barnes and Noble for their Star Wars Day.


We are planning our next brunch for September, and plan to hold it at Kansas City’s Renaissance Festival. Stay tuned for more details!

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